Client Testimonials

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"I highly recommend Chip Rose to everyone needing mediation services. He helped my husband and I reach a fair divorce settlement when we couldn't do it on our own. He is a highly knowledgeable, extremely experienced negotiator who is also a kind and compassionate man that wants the best possible outcome for each person. He helped us work through very complicated community property and separate property calculations that enabled us to reach our successful final agreement. I sincerely appreciated his ability to help me deal with our emotional drama in such a respectful manner with a gentle firmness in guiding our discussions to keep us on track and moving forward. He was very generous with his time and conscious of keeping down the costs to us without sacrificing needed services. His ideas, expertise, and guidance helped me get through one of the most difficult periods of my life in a much quicker, saner, and civil manner." -Candace G.

"Chip Rose is an experienced, wise, local attorney that has performed the role of pioneer and leader in the mediation field to the benefit of us choosing to avoid the exorbitant costs (financial and emotional) of litigation. Chip met with my former business partner and I to help us create a reasonable document to memorialize our separation and dissolution of our partnership. We received EXACTLY what we asked for and also a degree of clarity that comes from someone having direct experiences to draw from. Chip is a gifted communicator and listener. When I have friends who want to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, I heartily recommend Chip. Santa Cruz is lucky to have such a jewel to receive help from." -Donna S.

"I worked extensively with Chip Rose over a lengthy period of time while he worked with me, my ex-wife, and her lawyer helping us through a divorce, avoiding hostility and expensive court costs. I found him to be an excellent attorney and an expert in California family law. He is an superb in mediation and is highly involved in continuing education for attorneys. In addition, I believe he truly cares about the couple and goes out of his way to keep the divorce amicable. His knowledge and social skills helped us through a very difficult time. He has continued to consult with me via phone and email after the divorce and has done this without further charge." -Jim L.

"My ex and I went to Chip Rose to mediate our very contentious divorce. I found him: practical, extremely knowledgable and patient. Basically, everything that he told us turned out to be correct. I felt like he was very helpful to me personally. I could always reach him (within 24 hours) he answered emails for me. We saved our children's college tuition by mediating with Mr Rose and I am extremely grateful. I did not feel that he was dragging our process on. To this day Mr Rose will take my calls and answer my questions and I have been divorced for 2 years officially! I highly recommend Mr Rose if you are involved in a divorce that you wish to mediate." -Tracy M.