What Does It Cost?

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The financial cost of mediation is obviously a very important consideration.  However of equal or greater consequential value is the goal of maximizing the financial benefit to each party, the goal of minimizing conflicted behavior between parents in order to protect the children as much as possible, and the goal of insuring that while the process is going on, your interests are as safe and protected as they can be until you reach a mutually agreeable settlement of all issues.

These multiple outcome goals require a balance and a strategy for maximizing the benefit of the process while minimizing the cost of the process.  Beginning with a free initial consultation to learn how mediation can work for you, the process has been designed to allow you to choose how much service your particular circumstances need.  At The Mediation Center consideration will be given to the totality of your financial circumstances in designing a process that will allow you to control the costs.  Specific information about estimating the total dollar cost can be determined in the free initial consultation.